The Best Walk Isn't Always Off The Beaten Path

Sometimes the best walk is simply doing something a little differently.
Our new urban walking trails are designed for all walks of life.
Enjoy a healthy lifestyle while encountering Birmingham's rich history and culture.

Walk B'HAM is an designed to foster healthier lifestyles in our city.

A broad range of Birmingham non-profits and businesses have joined forces to develop a walking culture in our beloved Magic City. Our goal is to provide safe, interesting routes that both locals and tourists will enjoy.

"Walk to be healthy, walk to be Happy." - Charles Dickens

Our walks are typically 30 minutes or more because walking 30 minutes a day improves mental and physical well-being:

  • 58% reduced risk of developing diabetes
  • 27% reduced risk of stroke
  • 35% reduced risk of heart attack
  • 40% reduced risk of colon cancer
  • 50% reduced risk of mortality
    (when combined with weekly vigorous exercise)

Walking not only prevents disease, but it boosts one's concentration and memory, endorphine levels (for a better mood), and vitamin D levels (for healtheir bones and immune system). Walking is also very low risk with less than 5% cance of injury.